Epic Trade Shows, Exclusive New Launches, and Harry Potter Shots: January 2018 at Quantum Networks

So we realized that we’ve got a lot of cool stuff happening in and out of the Quantum Networks office, and we secondly realized that it would be great to put it somewhere and share it. Thus, the Quantum Networks monthly recap blog – and newsletter – was born!

Every month, we’ll send out a recap of the new product launches, press releases, serious business (and fun) events that we attended, and other notables that happened in the last few weeks. We’re big fans of pictures, so we’ll include a lot of those, too.

Without further ado, here’s a highlight reel of our January!

Trade Shows & Other Attended Events

  • Eytan, Jonathan, Alana, Ksenia, and Shweta from our team made their way to CES in Las Vegas, the biggest and most anticipated trade show of the year that highlights the latest and greatest tech



  •  Alana and Viviane flew off to Anaheim to attend the NAMM show and had great talks with representatives from some of our top brand partners in audio, including Boss, Audio-Technica, and Jim Dunlop



  • At CES and NAMM, we were able to meet with our existing and new partners – we really believe in getting away (at least sometimes) from our computers/phones to see everyone in person!

 New Launches 

  • We became exclusive partners with NeoLAB this month, check out our press release
  • The Neo Smartpen M1 allows you to digitize your handwritten notes and drawings, which you can then copy/paste and share with the world (the perpetual note-takers at Quantum are deeply satisfied)
“Hello” from the creatives at Quantum!

Our Visitors

We had some great visitors in January, so we prepared our lobby screen accordingly:


Will you be in town? Come check out our new and improved office! Email Viviane at viviane.wahba@quantumnetworks to schedule a meeting with our brand managers.

 Community Work

QuanTeam’s Penina and Melissa traveled to Miami to volunteer for the Team Lifeline race, which raises both awareness and funding for the awesome Chai Lifeline cause (supporting patients and families fighting the impact of serious pediatric illness)

Office Happenings

Our assistant buyer Viviane’s birthday was this past month, and we went out and celebrated with her at an awesome bar in midtown Manhattan called Barcelona Bar. She ordered the Harry Potter shot, so they played the movie theme song and brought out props!

And that about sums up January for us. We hope you liked our stories and pictures from the month!

We’d love to know what you thought of our first newsletter – any feedback or ideas for it are super welcomed and appreciated.

Have an awesome rest of your day, reader!

 – The Team at Quantum Networks

P.S. We’re always looking to expand our dynamic team – check out our open internships and full-time positions here:



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