Quantum’s Fantastic February: Colorful Keyboard Launches, Self-Expansions, and Quantum Tomatoes

Hey Reader!

How was your February?

The Quantum team was super busy as we began exciting projects and jet-set around the globe.

Check it out!

New Launches

    • We’re rapidly clicking away on our keyboards throughout most of our days, so we’re excited to exclusively represent our partner Matias in launching their game-changing new Backlit RGB and Backlit Wireless keyboards.
    • Our press release marking the launch of the new Matias keyboards went live. Steve McGown, Chief Operating Officer of Matias, says, “[Quantum Networks] suggested expanding our most popular model to include two new colors, and we are excited for Quantum to launch all of our new models on Amazon.”
    • Not only are they addictive to type on, but they’re completely adjustable, too. We’re calling it here: RGB keyboards are the new mood rings.
Growth Opportunities
    • One aspect of our in-house creative services is lifestyle photography, as we did for Teenage Engineering recently:

We’re lucky to have some great photoshoot locations near the Quantum office.

Partner Visits

While we can’t tell you about the top secret negotiations that go on in our brand meetings, we can show you how we welcomed them:

Will you be in town? Come check out our new and improved office! Email Viviane at viviane.wahba@quantumnetworks to schedule a meeting with our brand managers.
Office Happenings
    • To decompress, we held a movie night in the office – pizza and nachos a-plenty as we watched the original Jumanji. We weighed in with our Quantum version of Rotten Tomatoes reviews (sassy comments ahead, you’ve been warned):



If I had to pick the best actor in Jumanji, it’s a clear winner: the log of wood they pretended was a crocodile.



Did anyone else notice that the actor who played Robin William’s father is also the hunter?



This movie made me rethink my place in this universe.



Childhood memories of fear came flying back…and I loved it! Definitely gave me a good laugh.

We started a little game of anonymously giving each other awards via a white board – Bryan was bestowed the “Duct Tape Award” for his excellence in being able to fix everything.

Out-of-Office Happenings

Ksenia and Viviane at a Women’s Entrepreneurship Event

    • Bryan and Ksenia are seriously awesome at managing our brands. Quantum sent them to begin a project management class at CUNY Baruch – we’re always supportive of our team if they want to sharpen their skills.

We had a great month, but we’ve got our eyes on all the excitement to come in March. Stay tuned for our next episode of ongoings and developments!

Have a fantastic rest of your day, reader!

– The Team at Quantum Networks

P.S. We’re always looking to expand our dynamic team – check out our open internships and full-time positions here:






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